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S.O.F. is proud to announce new members to our sponsor family – Yeti Coolers & Honda Motors!

Yeti makes the best coolers in the world! Built for close calls in far-flung places. Built for tall tales and epic adventures. Built for the wild.   And Honda Generators, the first motor sponsor that we know of to sign on with a fly fishing show!  We are excited to have them both!

Huge Altantics Chernobyl Ant Wild Alaska
Huge Atlantics
Chernoble Ant
Wild Alaska
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The SOF experience can now continue in Alaska at Seasons On The Fly LODGE!

Home on the Kvichak River, it has Alaska’s largest rainbows and one of the world’s largest salmon runs. Catch Trout, Sockeyes, Silvers, Kings, Pinks, Chums Grayling and Pike, and on a budget too! Go to

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